Standard Dual C-Band LNB 13K Twin

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Standard Dual C-Band LNB 13K TWIN

Detailed Description


This C-Band LNB out performs separate LNB and feedhorn combinations by eliminating the bends and reflections caused by LNB / feedhorn technology. The C-Band LNB provides a straight shoot from the dish to the active probe inside our “in-line” wave guide. This eliminates lose and induced noise. There are no fittings between the LNB and feedhorn. LNBF and feedhorn have nothing to bolt together. This gives you higher
High gain, high stability, digital ready, C band LNBF with low 13 degree noise figure.  Gets better performance than the combination of LNB and feed horn.  Includes prime focus scalar ring and dielectric plate for converting the LNBF to receive circular signals.  This is your best choice for the "C-band Dish.

Specifications on the BSC421


C-Band LNB

Input Frequency
3.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz
Output Frequency
950 MHz to 1750 MHz
LO Frequency
5.15 GHz (5150 MHz)
LO Frequency Stability
1.5 MHz @ -40C to +60C
Noise Figure
13K (Typ.)
Conversion Gain
65dB (Typ.)
Output VSWR
2.0:1 (Max.)
V/H Isolation
23dB (Min.)
Image Rejection
40dB (Typ.)
P 1dB Gain Compression
-5dB (Min.)
Phase Noise
-75dBc/Hz (1 KHz)
Vertical Horizontal Switch Control
(V) 11.5v to 14.2vdc, (H) 15.5vdc to 21.0vdc
Output Connector
75 ohm F type

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